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Submissions Needed: May 18th - Allen Leech Birthday Celebration

Hi! Here’s my daily reminder that submissions are being accepted for May 18th’s Allen Leech Birthday Celebration. All songs posted this Saturday will be devoted to AL’s character Tom Branson. Songs can cover:

  • canon Tom
  • au Tom
  • modern au Tom
  • politics
  • Ireland
  • his relationship with Sybil
  • his BROTP

The possibilities are endless. Please submit your Tom Branson songs and note that they are for May 18th,

  1. angiemagz said: May 18th: Bruno Mars - “Talking to the moon” When I hear this song it makes me think of how Tom must have been feeling after Sybil died.
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  3. yankeecountess said: my submission for “You’ll Be in my Heart” can go under his relationship with Sybil for May 18 (unless you already posted it, so never mind) :oP
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